The 2019-20 Pandemic radically changed the societal paradigm.   Life as we knew it and lived it affected our faith, behavior, philosophy, careers, future planning, etc…

For the musicians it jettisoned opportunities to perform and ultimately stymied our ability to financially support our families.  I cringe to think about all of the artists that could not work and all of the venues that permanently closed.

I was leading a Sextet at the time.  The ensemble consisted of drummer Dr. Mark Lomax out of Columbus, OH, drummer Nasar Abadey from Baltimore, MD, pianist Benito Gonzales from NYC, the venerable bassist Juini Booth from NYC (who ultimately and sadly passed) NYC bassist Essiet Essiet, tenor saxophonist Edwin Bayard from Harrisburg, PA, and New Orleans trumpeter Marlon Jordan.  The group was focused on my original compositions as well as iconic jazz songs from legends such as Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, Charles Mingus, Sam Rivers, McCoy Tyner, etc… We did manage to record two studio recordings. “The Many & The Few” and “CounterCulture”.

During the Pandemic drought I moved my family to Atlanta, GA and I’ve spent the past 3 years composing and shedding.  At last count I have composed 110 compositions.  Every song recorded and heard, and posted on my website is an original.