“PASSAGEWAY” is the most recent recording that I have produced.  It was recorded on October 29 and 30, 2022 at Suma Recording Studio located in Painesville, OH, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, OH.  The ensemble consisted of drummer Carmen Castaldi, bassist Aidan Plank, vibist Ronzo Smith and myself playing tenor and soprano saxophone, and flute.  Ronzo Smith was instrumental in planning the session as well as arranging my compositions and mixing the recording.  All seven of the compositions are originals and Den-City was co-composed with Ronzo.  All of the videos were recorded by Mark Burson of Burson Films.  The artwork for “EMBRYONIC” was created by Dana Novotny!

The primary focus that I tried to convey in the music was the use of space!  I felt the group captured that nuance definitively.